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  • Implementing NGO: Centre for Rural Health and Development

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  • Photos from the Campaign:

PC200003 PC200001 PC200005 PC200013 PC200029 PC200033 PC200034 PC200037 PC200042 PC200043 PC200044 PC200045 PC200008

 PC200007 PC200018 PC200020 PC200024 PC200025 Cap and sticker IMG 1062 Audience 3 CAEVIN Hijab CAEVIN Hijab 3 CAEVIN poster and handbill IMG 1054 IMG 1066 IMG 1148 IMG 1097  

The Oyo team campaigning in Ajagba, Oyo Town: popular theatre, town meeting, distributing materials.


CAEVIN team CAEVIN poster CAEVIN posters beside political aspirants Drama in Idishin CAEVIN banner IEC T-shirt handout CAEVIN T-shirt 4 IEC materials handout CAEVIN in Idishin Idishin community Drama opening scene Drama scene 20 IMG 0905 Drama scene 25 Drama scene IMG 0935 Drama scene 15 Drama audience 17 Drama audience 7 Drama audience 3 IMG 0950 T-Shirt distribution CAEVIN T-shirt CAEVIN Hijab 2 IEC leaflet T-Shirt 2 CAEVIN Hijab 4 CAEVIN T-shirt 5 CAEVIN T-shirt 6 CAEVIN Hijab distribution Giving out T-shirt Giving out T-shirt and cap Showing CAEVIN hijab IMG 0730 IMG 0738

The Oyo team in Ibadan. 


    • Films from the Campaign (Ajagba and Ibadan):